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Unwanted mail


I've recently bought a house and I keep getting letters for previous owners - including letters from bailiffs. Is there anyway to stop them?


Many people find that when they move into a new house they get post for the previous owner and sometimes this can keep coming for months, if not years. Often those with debts don't have their mail forwarded after they move and resolving the issue is unfortunately not simple, and can be time consuming.

One of the first things you can do is to contact the mail preference service and register with them, both in your name, and that of the previous owner. This will stop most of the junk mail.

Next, you can register with the main credit reference agencies (Experian Limited, Equifax plc and Callcredit plc) that the previous owner no longer lives at that address. This will keep your credit rating intact and ensure any checks by bailiffs or credit companies will show the previous owners have left.

Finally, you can return all mail by crossing out the address writing on to the letter 'no longer at this address, return to sender' then just put them back in the post box.

Updated: 29/01/2013

Question answered by CAB

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