Curling wands are great for curling or waving your hair and create loose waves and curls, which are perfect for everyday styles. The one thing you need in addition to the wand is some thermal protectant cream to ensure that your hair does not get burned by the heat of the wand. Curling wands, however, have a wider variety of uses than just for waves and curls. With the right wand and protective cream, you can create several different looks with your hair.

Procedure To Use A Curling Wand For Beginners

You will first need to pick out which side of the section of hair you want to start curling from. This is not always a straightforward decision. You can determine this by where the natural curl is in your hair. If your waves are towards one side, for example, then that would be the right side to start from, so the curls will be directed towards that part of your head. Once you have picked a starting point, it is time to place on some thermal protectant cream or spray onto your hair to protect it from getting burnt by the heat of the wand.

Steps To Understand How Do You Use A Curling Wand For Beginners

1. Wet Your Hair Down


To protect your hair from the wand’s heat, wet it first and remove any loose hair with a comb with wide teeth. This prevents the wand’s heat from damaging your hair.

2. Dry Your Hair Completely

Before you attempt to curl your hair with the curling wand, make sure it is completely dry. If you do not, the wand’s moisture will sink into your hair, giving you raccoon eyes, which is not an attractive appearance for anyone. Know more about hair wanders and hair straighteners at

3. Begin Curling

Use the curling wand like a regular curler, but ensure you use only the tip of the wand, or you will risk damaging your hair with unnecessary heat. Use short circular motions with your fingers around each section of your hair while holding onto the roots of your hair with one hand to curl them into shape on their own.

4. Apply Protectant Cream


Apply a thermal protectant to your hair when styling it so that your curls do not get unruly and your hair is not harmed. Apply it to the portions of hair you want to curl, then keep it in place while curling the rest of your hair with your curling wand.

5. Choose A Curling Wand

The best curling irons come with connection clips that allow you to wrap your hair around the wand instead of relying on your fingers. There is greater control over the shape and size of your curls if you use this method. A lower heat setting is also recommended since higher heat settings can damage hair and cause frizzies.

6. Find The Right Side Of The Section Of Hair To Curl

Selecting which side of a strand of hair to curl first is not always a simple task. Observing your hair will reveal where your natural curls are. Starting with the side of your head where your waves are most evident is a good location to begin curling your hair. The curls on the same side of your head will become more noticeable.

7. Hold Your Curls In Place With One Hand


Beginners should use their fingers to generate loose curls or waves, while professional users will hold their curlers in one hand and make quick short strokes with the other. A minor quantity of rehearsal on straight hair can also compensate for any lack of knowledge while shaping your curls.

8. Curl Your Hair For A Few Seconds At A Time

You mustn’t keep the curling wand on your hair for too long, since this might damage or cause frizzies. Curl tiny portions of hair for only a few seconds and then go on to another piece to ensure that you uniformly distribute the heat throughout all regions of your hair.

9. Curl Each Portion Separately

You must only curl one portion at a time and not all at once to distribute the heat evenly across all areas of your hair. If you try to do too much at once, you risk damaging your hair with too much heat.

10. Using A Little Spray Of Aerosol Hairspray


If your curls are not holding well, then you can use a spray of aerosol hairspray to hold them in place. If your hair is still not holding after using the spray, then you can spray it on a little bit more liberally to ensure that your hair stays in place for the rest of the day.

11. Curl Your Hair Back And Away From Your Face

When you are done with your curling section, move your hair back and away from your face to protect it from the heat of the curling wand. If you do not do this, you risk burning your face or damaging your hair with the heat from the curling wand.

12. Keep The Ends Uncurled For An Inch

If your hair is long enough, you should keep its ends uncurled for an inch or two to curl the rest of the section of hair. This will give a more natural look to your curls and make them appear sleeker and more defined.

13. Add A Final Touch To Your Look


Once you have done all your curling, you should finish off your look by adding a finishing spray to set and polish the curls. A little mousse or hairspray will also assist produce a sleeker, more defined curl.

14. Use Hairspray To Finish Your Appearance

You must set your curls with some hairspray if you want them to last for the duration of the day. To keep your hair from being too stiff, you should apply a moderate hairspray that will give just enough grip without making your hair crunchy.

Final Words

These were the essential details on how to use a curling wand for beginners. If you are still having trouble with your curling wand at the end of the day, brush out some curls to get them looking sleeker and defined. We know that not everyone is comfortable using their fingers to do their curls, so don’t be afraid to go for a curling wand with an attachment clip.

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