My penis is a funny colour

I was circumcised two years ago due to phimosis and now I’m concerned my penis doesn’t look normal. When it’s flaccid it’s mainly pink, but it has a purple and blue tinge around the rim. The colour is more obvious when it’s erect. Is this right?

It’s not uncommon for men to worry about the way their penis looks, and it’s understandable you have concerns since having your operation for phimosis. But changes in colour are completely normal, and you’re certainly not alone in experiencing this – to put your mind at rest you can read more in our article here.

Embarrassing Problems provides some reassuring advice, it explains that: “It’s normal for the head of the penis (glands) to change colour. Often it’s quite red when aroused and a more purple at other times. This is because the skin of the glands has lots of tiny blood vessels near its surface, so the colour just represents the changes in blood flow.”

If you notice that the skin is sore, red or frequently very irritated there could be a risk of a condition such as balanitis. Whilst uncomfortable and painful, balanitis is not immediately harmful and in your case is unlikely since it can result from phimosis, a problem that you have now addressed.

It’s important to seek out the advice of a doctor (GP) if you have health concerns. If you’re still worried then please do go back to your doctor to be examined. Alternatively, you could visit your nearest Brook Centre for a second opinion, or call the helpline for some advice on 0808 802 1234.

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