Body image quiz

Do you like what you see or always wish for a better model? Find out with our quiz.

Shadow of a girl crouching behind a window

How good is your body image?

1. Do you like what you see in the mirror?

Hell yeah, I’d shag it 0
If I’ve made an effort 1
I get bad days 2
Never 3

2. Do you enjoy going clothes shopping?

Yes, I live for it and everything looks so great on me 0
If I can find something I like, yeah 1
If I’m having a good day 2
I hate it as a look terrible in everything. 3

3. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

5 minutes, comb hair and run 0
15-30 1
30-1 hour 2
Over an hour 3

4. Are you happy to get naked with a new partner?

Nope, I’m keeping my vest on and the lights off 2
I want lights, ceiling mirrors and lots of action 0
By candlelight – romantic and flattering 1
I don’t bare all for someone I’m trying to attract! 3

5. How do others see you?

Sexy as hell 0
Fairly attractive, but no supermodel 1
Not the worst looking soul, but fairly ugly 2
Unattractive in every way 3

6. Do you think your mates are all more attractive than you?

Yes 3
Some, but not all 2
No, we’re all about the same 1
No, I’m the most attractive 0

7. Negative thoughts about how I look preoccupy me

Always 2
Sometimes 1
Never 0

8. Someone compliments you on how you look, what do you say?

Thanks, I know I am aren’t I 0
Oh, I’m not, really? (smile inside) 1
Liar, I look like shite 2

9. What would make you happiest?

Everyone thinking I’m stunning 2
Everyone liking me 1
Everyone thinking I’m intelligent 0

10. How do you feel about dieting?

Ugh, lettuce, no thanks, besides I’m perfect. 0
I live for them, I’m on a different one every week 2
I find they only work if they are balanced and mixed with exercise 1

Points scoring

0-8 Vain: Love yourself don’t you? Perhaps a little too darn cocky if you ask me, but just because you’re confident doesn’t mean you’re healthy. Remember to exercise and keep a balanced diet.

8-14 Balanced: You have a good body image and a good outlook. Carry on as you are, but do allow yourself a treat every now and again.

14-20 Need a boost: OK, you are generally happy, but occasionally get insecure, just like anyone does. Do something to boost your self-esteem and remember to eat a healthy and balanced diet.

20-26 Far too low: I don’t care if you really are Shrek’s twin, you have poor body image and self confidence and need to get more positive. Besides Shrek got the girl in the end, didn’t he. Eat healthily, get some exercise and go out and have some fun. Life’s too short to waste all that time thinking about the way you look.

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Updated on 29-Sep-2015