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Drink spiking

We asked some folk about town if they had any spiking stories - and scarily enough, they did.


Jess, 23 My cousin had her drink spiked once by a guy whobought her a drink in a bar in Majorca. She wasn't drunk beforehand, but then she had the drink and all of a sudden she was completely out of it. Apparently, she was stumbling around and acting really drunk, but after having just the one drink. Then the man tried to lead her out of the bar with him, but luckily her friends saw what was happening and stopped her from going. Who knows what could've happened if they hadn't noticed what was going on.


Bianca, 23 I was at a nightclub and a guy who I didn't know bought me a drink. I didn't get the chance to drink it because one of my mates nicked it and drank it himself. He'd had a couple of drinks that night but he wasn't completely pissed. All of a sudden though, he was acting really strangely and was falling over. I took him outside, but he was in such a state - he was being sick and couldn't stand up. At one point he was lying on the ground and rolled under a parked car. I called my Dad to come and help. It all happened so quickly, and I wasn't sure what was happening at the time. I'd seen my mate pissed before, but he'd never behaved like this. I'm very sure that the drink had been spiked - and that it had been meant for me.


Ellie, 24 My drink was spiked when I was on holiday in Ibiza. I wasquite drunk already in a club whentheDJ announcedit was my birthday and thatI had acelebratory drink on the bar. I drank it, but then Idon't remember anything else, apart from walking downsome stairs. Apparentlywe spent ages waiting untilI was capable of getting in a taxi, andI was being sick a lot.I felt really awful the next day!I think I wasvery luckyI hadmy girlies to look after me. I've been sick before from drinking too much,but I'venever been completely out of it or hadsuch massive memory loss.


Dan, 22 (the mystery man) My friend was in a club one night and hadn't been drinking all that much, but then just suddenly she became totally trashed.Her mates called her boyfriend to pick her up because they were worried about her,but then he got in a nark because he just thought that she'd been caning it too much at the club.He didn't believe that she hadn't had much to drink,but then she collapsed and was taken to hospital. It was found that she had actually been spiked. It was just sheer luck she didn't come to more harm.


Megan, 24 My sister had her glass of wine spiked in a club - we think the bar staff did it as there wasn't anyone else standing at the bar at the time. It was her first and only drink of the evening,and she soon collapsed and spent the rest of the night in the club's entrance area, with a motorbike paramedic trying to get an ambulance to her.


Fi, 22 I don't know anyone personallywho's had their drink spiked. I've heard stories about friends of friends who've been spiked, but considering I go to clubs quite often, I think my friends and I have been quite lucky. Touch wood, of course!

Updated: 17/11/2006

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